About Kennedy Space Center Tours

If becoming an astronaut was your childhood dream, Kennedy Space Center tours offer you a golden chance to experience the magic of space travel through 700 attractions and exhibits. The John F Kennedy Space Center of Florida, USA, is one of NASA’s ten field Centers and was the primary launch pad of NASA’s human spaceflight Apollo Program. Some of NASA’s iconic space operations, including Skylab and the Space Shuttle Program, were launched from this historic Center, which handles the bulk of NASA’s space launches. From meeting NASA astronauts, and witnessing original vehicles like Saturn V and space shuttles like Atlantis, to watching actual Kennedy Space center space launches, It is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all your space travel fantasies.

Why Book Kennedy Space Center Tour?

Kennedy Space Center tours allow you to learn and explore the Center in its entirety with an expert guide whose knowledge about the area and its history is unmatched. You would also be able to avoid the huge crowds at the entrance of this wildly popular tourist attraction with the skip-the-line feature of the tour which makes your experience hassle-free and quick. Transportation facilities allow you to reach the Center early and explore to your heart’s content instead of looking for a ride to the Center on the day of your trip. Kennedy Space Center is a must-visit for space lovers and tourists looking for a unique adventure, and the best way to experience the magic of the Center is by booking a guided tour in advance as per your preference.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Tickets
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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Tickets
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  • Learn about famous space & military tech aficionados and know about the important inventions

  • You can fulfill your dream of being an astronaut for one day at Visitor Complex

  • Get a chance to see the enthralling rocket launching simulation from Rocket Launching Center 

  • Go to the marvelous in-house IMAX Center to view intriguing space films

  • Visit Kennedy Space Center to see the largest collection of astronaut artifacts ever gathered.

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Currently, no public transportation is available for the visitor complex.
  • Visitors with their own vehicle, please note that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located on federal property. Observe the posted speed limits, as traffic violations will result in heavy fines.
  • Carry your printed/mobile voucher & venue directly with this voucher.
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Popular Tours Of The Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Day Trip with Transport from Orlando

Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando is a one-day trip that includes transportation facilities to and from the space Center. Experience the magic of space exploration as you visit one of NASA’s most renowned space Centers and be a part of a knowledgeable guided tour of the entire facility. Being the launch base of the space mission that sent humans to the moon, Kennedy Space Center tours include unique attractions like the original Saturn V and the Shuttle Atlantis, as well as a simulated space travel experience and even an airboat safari. Touch a piece of moon rock and explore the various attractions of the Center of numerous historic NASA launches at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando with the Wheel at ICON Park

The Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando with the Wheel at ICON Park includes a bus tour between Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center, along with an admission ticket for the Center’s visitor complex, an English-speaking guide, and a ride on The Wheel at ICON Park. Explore one of NASA’s most well-known space Centers and witness the stalwarts of the US Space Programme like the Saturn V and the Shuttle Atlantis. Meet NASA astronauts and learn about the massive human effort that makes space travel possible at the 700 attractions of the Center. After your Kennedy Space Center tour, end the one-day experience with a ride on the amazing Ferris wheel of ICON Park that offers bird’s eye views of the entire city.

Kennedy Space Center Up Close Tour

The Kennedy Space Center Ticket includes admission tickets to the Space Center, roundtrip transfers from the Center, an English-speaking driver and guide, and the St John’s River Airboat Ride. The perfect Kennedy Space Center tour package for a personalized trip, the experience allows you to explore the launching base of NASA’s first and next Moon Missions. Learn about the fascinating history and the important contributions of the Center with a guided tour and explore the highlights of this NASA base like the Rocket Garden, the Saturn V, and the Shuttle Atlantis. Explore the surrounding wetlands and witness the unique flora and fauna of the region with the Airboat Safari.

Kennedy Space Center and Everglades Airboat Safari from Orlando

This Kennedy Space Center tour from Orlando combines the world of space travel with an exploration of Florida’s natural attractions with the Everglades Airboat Safari. The one-day experience combines two popular tours, with the first taking you on an eco-tour of Florida’s protected wetlands on an airboat. After a dive into the wilderness, the next tour takes you to the magical wonderland of space, with the historical Kennedy Space Center of NASA offering 700 attractions to visitors. From witnessing the interactive exhibits of the Apollo Program and the Saturn V to meeting veteran NASA astronauts, the Space Center promises a day filled with unique space experiences and unforgettable memories.

Kennedy Space Center Small Group VIP Experience

This Kennedy Space Center tour offers the best of the Center and more, from the KSC bus tour to a ride on the Shuttle Launch Experience that simulates a real space launch. Click iconic pictures at the numerous photo stops near the Kennedy Space Center’s launch pads on your guided tour with your loved ones. Breakfast and a $15 lunch are also included with your space exploration experience. Explore the Rocket Garden and see the epic Shuttle Atlantis and Saturn V in their original form, and meet and greet NASA astronauts as they narrate their space stories. The bus tour would include snippets from behind-the-scenes of the Center’s working and special areas of the facility.

What To Expect On A Kennedy Space Center Tour?


Kennedy Space Center tours are designed to ensure visitors can explore the Center to the fullest in an efficient manner. The tours are headed by expert guides, who possess in-depth knowledge about the attractions and their work. The guided tours, apart from an exploration of the Center, include meet-and-greet sessions with astronauts, exploration of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, simulated space travel at Shuttle Launch Experience, airboat safari, a ride on ICON Park’s Wheel, a 3D walk on the moon, bus tour of the Center, a visit to Rocket Garden, IMAX movie-watching, and even touching a piece of moon rock. Experience the magic of floating in space as you embark on a Kennedy Space Center tour.

Highlights Covered On Your Kennedy Space Center Tour

Rocket Garden

The first highlight of Kennedy Space Center tours is the Rocket Garden, which is a living testament to the unimaginable human effort that made space travel a reality for us. From real rockets and mechanical equipment that jump-started the US space exploration journey, NASA’s Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury space programmes also find representation in the garden. A fitting tribute to the people who made space a closer entity, Rocket Garden is a stunning celebration of the US journey to space.

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

Space explorations and programmes witness an important role played by astronauts, which has been commemorated at the US Astronaut Hall of Fame of Kennedy Space Center. The Center also has the largest collection of memorabilia and personal souvenirs from American astronauts, to whom the hall pays tribute for their outstanding contribution to making the human dream of space travel a reality.


Kennedy Space Center goes beyond space travel to provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience at the local amusement park. ICON Park of Orlando has some jaw-dropping attractions, the prominent ones being the renowned 400-feet Wheel, the world’s tallest drop tower ride, a 7D theater, a reverse bungee ride, a museum of illusions, and even a Madame Tussauds. Shop and dine at this thrillingly adventurous destination which offers stunning views of the city from its Ferris wheel.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The history of space is an intriguing one, which you can learn about at the Space Shuttle Atlantis Complex. From replicas of external tanks of space shuttles, rocket boosters, and other space-related equipment, witness in detail the glorious Space Shuttle Atlantis. Learn every detail about the 30-year history of the last shuttle to go into space through interactive exhibits and knowledgeable guides.

Shuttle Launch Experience

It wouldn’t be a tour of a space Center if visitors cannot experience a space shuttle launch, something that Kennedy Space Center has taken care of at the Shuttle Launch Experience. Walk into the 44,000-square-foot structure, which has four simulators that accommodate forty-four visitors. Feel the magic of a space launch, but without the gravitational force, at this epic shuttle launch arena.

Apollo/Saturn V Center

Witness the ultimate creation of NASA, the Saturn V launch vehicle that formed the base of the iconic Apollo Space Programme, at the 100,000-square-foot Apollo/Saturn V Center of Kennedy Space Center. The epic interactive exhibit houses the original Saturn V, which was the largest rocket ever flown and the only one to have carried humans beyond Earth’s orbit and to the moon.

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour

Witness what happens behind the scenes of the space Center with the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. Explore the major places of interest and the Center’s prominent highlights as you ride the bus, while a knowledgeable guide talks about all that goes on at the Space Center. Visitors can also stop at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and explore the launch sites of space programmes at the Center.

Airboat Safari

A major highlight of Kennedy Space Center tours, the Airboat Safari takes you on a 30-minute ride on the St John’s River. After your space travel experience at the Center, head to the swamps nearby where you get to meet flowers, plants and wildlife unique to the region. A must-do activity, the Safari includes wetlands and conservation areas that surround the Kennedy Space Center.

FAQ's of Kennedy Space Center Tours

How do I book a Kennedy Space Center guided tour?

    Kennedy Space Center guided tours can be booked in advance online. Online bookings allow visitors to plan their tour as per their preferences by choosing from the many guided tours available at the Center and saves them the hassle of last-minute confusion.

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