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Kennedy Space Center Overview

Welcome to the world's greatest space adventure! Only by grabbing Kennedy Space Center tickets can you experience an actual Saturn V moon rocket, touch a moon rock, and meet a retired NASA astronaut. Visit a NASA spaceflight facility, and see the actual space shuttle Atlantis on the same day! Established on Merritt Island in 1962, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a United States National Historic Landmark. Since 1968, it has served as the starting point for every American human space voyage, and it still does. The Kennedy Space Center was only a Florida swampland field a few decades ago. It is now one of the most significant spots on Earth for NASA and its allies to prepare spacecraft designed for deep space exploration. For this all-day excursion, arrive early to maximise your time there.

First-time visitors must know about what the Kennedy Space centre has to offer. Don't Worry! Here is the list of attractions that you will experience during the Kennedy Space Center Tour:

  • At the Kennedy Space Center, take advantage of the rare chance to meet with and interact with a senior NASA astronaut.
  • Look up and see a real space shuttle with open payload doors suspended over you at Space Shuttle Atlantis. Atlantic is one of three space shuttles on exhibit in the United States.
  • The Mercury Seven astronauts designed this wonderful exhibit for the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. Men and women who committed their lives to space exploration are honoured in the exhibition.
  • The early pioneers of NASA's space programme are the centrepiece of the Heroes and Legends exhibition, which explores how these men and women achieved their goals.
  • The rockets in this outdoor exhibit are all from the NASA Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini operations. Admire this amazing technology or go on a Kennedy Space Center tour to discover some fascinating facts.
  • You can simulate a space shuttle launch with a Space Shuttle simulator. It features a pre-launch briefing from veteran shuttle captain Charles Bolden.

Advantages of Booking Kennedy Space Center Tickets

  • Convenience: You can take your time arranging your schedule around a ticket option, as several ticket alternatives are available. Additionally, you get to take advantage of the convenience of time and money savings as you bypass the regular ticketing queues resulting from your online reservation at a discounted fee.
  • Advance Reservations: Visitors worldwide are deluging Kennedy Space Center due to the centre's reopening and the launch of new space missions. However, because space is limited, there is a greater likelihood that tickets may sell out. Make reservations for your slots online in advance.
  • Great Discounts: By purchasing your tickets online, you can take advantage of Kennedy Space Center discounts and offers to reduce the cost of your tickets. As a result, you can save some extra money and time.
  • Free Cancelation: Purchase your tickets for the Kennedy Space Center online to ensure a hassle-free reservation experience. Visitors will receive a full refund for their tickets if they cancel within 24 hours of the event's planned date.

Kennedy Space Centre Tickets Options

Kennedy Space Center Day Tickets + Admission to the Explore Tour

You'll first see the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the main visitor centre complex, a ship that has only ever been viewed by astronauts. It appears to be floating in space due to the open payload bay doors. You can simulate floating in space with this interactive model. Visit other displays, such as Heroes and Legends, watch an IMAX film, and stroll around the rocket garden.

Your Explore Tour starts with a bus ride and a specialised space guide. Along the route, there will be various opportunities for photo stops. You'll learn a lot about intricate details and unique space-related information by the time your trip ends.

Kennedy Space Center Tour with Access to ICON Park

You can skip the pick-ups and go straight to the final meeting location at ICON Park if you purchase a Kennedy Space Center Express ticket. The Shuttle Launch Experience, a simulator that allows you to experience what an astronaut goes through during takeoff, will be one of the major highlights of your day. Visit a bizarre rocket garden with rocket "flowers" and watch IMAX movies about space. Experience more than 60 touch-screen activities and cutting-edge simulations at the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Kennedy Space Center 1-Day Admission - Skip the Ticket Line

Experience the engineering masterpiece and take a close-up look at the Space Shuttle Atlantis with more than 60 touch-screen activities and technological simulations that will make you feel like an astronaut. You can explore all of the Kennedy Space Center tourist attractions, such as Space Shuttle Atlantis, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, Heroes and Legends, Rocket Garden, etc., with one entrance ticket. Discover the numerous displays, performances, and activities offered here, such as the IMAX® Spacefilms, the Rocket Garden, the Shuttle Launch Experience, and the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Visit the Saturn V Center to gaze at the enormous Saturn V rocket.

Things to Experience at Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Garden

When Alan Shepard conducted the first American human space journey in 1961, a Mercury-Redstone 3 rocket ignited the hopes of a whole nation. This garden of giants serves as a homage to the scientists & engineers who made the NASA Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions a reality, as well as a representation of their engineering prowess.

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

Visitors can learn about the lives of these space heroes through engaging displays at the museum, which was designed to be where American astronauts are remembered and celebrated. The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® honorees are chosen by a special committee of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and were founded by the Mercury Seven astronauts.

Heroes and Legends

Experience the thrills and perils of America's first space missions as you travel on a breathtaking adventure that aims to inspire reflection on the concept of a hero. Alongside authentic artifacts, such as a Redstone rocket floating in the air, the Sigma 7 spacecraft, and a rare up-close view of the Gemini 9 spacecraft, you may relive the beginning of the space era with astronaut pioneers.

Saturn V Rocket

Explore an actual Saturn V rocket, a type of rocket that carried humans to the Moon, at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. The giant rocket to go into space can be entirely appreciated by taking a stroll beneath this astonishing giant. Don't miss the daily guided walk of each rocket's three stages and watch the Apollo-era film displayed on the side of the vehicle.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The entrance to the Atlantis space shuttle's residence is clearly marked by a massive full-scale space shuttle stack of two solid rocket boosters and an orange auxiliary tank. Inside, Atlantis is portrayed as only astronauts have seen her in space, turned 43.21 degrees with payload doors open and Canadarm extended, as though freshly undocked from the International Space Station (ISS).

Journey to Mars

Learn about NASA's ambitions to discover the Moon, Mars, and asteroids in deep space. This multimedia presentation summarises the existing activities of NASA. Play interactive games and simulations to test your knowledge of outer space, and look around Mars rover reproductions.

Know Before You Book Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Essential Information
Dining and Shopping
  • Location and how to reachNear Orlando and Daytona Beach lies the Kennedy Space Center. All visitors must obey speed restrictions because it is on federal property, resulting in expensive fines. There isn't any public transit going to Kennedy Space Center right now.

  • Opening hours and best time to visitVisit times are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday. The best method to slowly see every attraction at the Kennedy Space Center is to allow 6–8 hours.
    The main attractions of Kennedy Space Center will be thoroughly covered in 2 hours if you're taking a bus tour.

  • Get your tickets to the Kennedy Space Center online and in advance.
  • All visitors to Kennedy Space Center must cover their faces indoors.

  • Large coolers, baggage, or other large bags are prohibited.

  • Admission is subject to proper clothing, which includes a shirt and shoes.

  • It is forbidden to wear clothing with offensive content, such as vulgar words or images.

  • Costume masks of any type are prohibited.

  • At Kennedy Space Center, vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy food alternatives are available at every restaurant.

  • You can shop at Kennedy Space Center for fantastic souvenirs, the newest NASA apparel, merchandising, accessories, and gear at the recently refurbished retail store.

FAQ's of Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Are tickets for Kennedy Space Center available online?

Yes, You can buy Kennedy Space Center tickets online in advance. If you are visiting the Kennedy Space Center, online ticket booking becomes beneficial as you can save time without standing in a queue.

How much does a ticket to the Kennedy Space Center cost?

Tickets for the Kennedy Space Center are priced according to the amenities and features they provide, with the least expensive costing $60.99. Other tickets with memorable experiences, extras, and bonuses are offered at various pricing points.

Is the Kennedy Space Center available to the public again?

Yes, with a limited capacity, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex reopened to the public on May 28, 2020. As of June 14, 2021, it now offers more hours of operation and several different eating establishments.

Are there any discounts on the online tickets for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex?

Yes, there are discounts on the majority of Kennedy Space Center tickets. Children are eligible for discounted tickets. Visitors must have a valid ID to take advantage of this promotion.

What are the amenities included with my tickets to the Kennedy Space Center?

Your admission tickets to the Kennedy Space Center grant you access to the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the Apollo-Saturn V Center, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Universe Theater and Mission Control: Apollo, the IMAX theatre, the Journey to Mars, the Rocket Garden, and other attractions that are listed on your tickets.


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